past, present, 

or future,

to come. 

jag poonian

About Me

and if i am the man left sitting, pondering it all. 

Existence or pursuit. Existence as tied to our worldly interactions, sense of self, sense of being, or sense of thought. Existence is a gift, consciousness even more. As machinery, just biological creatures, roaming, procreating, pursuing, consuming, and eventually leaving a footprint that shapes and determines a (better?) future that they themselves will not ever see. From ash, atoms, dust, DNA, or simply earth, there exists millions of species, all with varied levels of consciousness. To question our own existence is one thing, but to use it to actively contribute and influence a chain of present and future reactions is something even greater. We connect, we grow, we form a collective. The notion of a collective species as one is not commonly thought of. Primitive is the only way to describe our thoughts and divide, whether power or evil consumes and divides is a debate that rages on in every era until our time. Current fads, social media, corporate controlled interests, methodologies for shaping human interactions and disseminating whatever influences that shape and form our ideals. Despite where we stand today in our belief of bringing all together, nothing will save us from what is written in each person's own destiny. The only truth in this world is death. The framework upon what to live, and how to live, based on growth, contributions, understanding, and above all freedom, the glorious pseudo-freedom that keeps us ticking and feeling in control of everything around us. And how little of that we actually control until the very end. Likely only time will tell some truth, on a timeline that transcends what we are capable of seeing in our limited lives, because in a few hundred or few thousands years from now, isn't what we see and what we know of reality going to change, vastly beyond what we could ever imagine today? And if this is true, and if we exist a few thousand years from now, what would we have wanted from our species to transcend? Is the battle time? Are we here to transcend time, defeat time, perhaps even play with time, just as a settled and perched rock is as alive as any other object around it, doesn't it transcend time much better than us? Million of years they say, it has been witnessing oceans rise and fall, meteors hit and miss, species come and go. If the big bang is how it exists, then isn't there an answer as to how it leaves? Is this life not heaven for some, but hell for others? 

Perhaps documentation as a piece of history, people can look back to answer, and seek. If ash is what is left, then what else is there left to seek? When written recorded history is subject to the ego and understanding of humankind only at the time at which it is written, then what is there left to contemplate about any truth? 

Continue forward, march along the journey. Count the seconds, days, hours, or minutes, but don't let it be months, or years - time will only accelerate, or as we tell ourselves, time can slow - but even so, will your ego minimalize to become that atom sprinting at the speed of light? If information exchange on the quantum level is already proven to be faster than the speed of light, then what is the substance of what we as humans believe as science to hold about the size of our cosmos or dimensions of it? 

Whether the answer is in code, or a mis-mesh, jibber jab, fruitless endeavour one after the other. What will it cost, and what is going to continue to grow? What message is there written in the worlds, in the sights, sounds, taste, touch and smell of the air - is it mother nature or the projection of our own version of existence? 

And if there was a point to it all, would you really know it?

jag poonian


contemplation is

maya, and 

oh the delusion

of ecstacy. 

The illusion generating machine, the binary and digital equivalence of artificial intelligence, the ever increasing knowledge and thirst of man (Or perhaps mankind, tomorrow human kind, oh how kind it is indeed). 

How kind to be controlled and told of what to say and what is a truth.

Oh the kaam, the krodh, the lobh, the moh, and the ahankar. Nothing is ever controlled. The five thieves will continue to attack, continue to battle maya while the mind races and the mind battles back - continuing along it's journey to subdue what it can. But if subdued too much, the purpose becomes yet another path to struggle.

what to do? 

Open the temple and door to your heart,
love is the only language we have left to speak.
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